Business Flow Chart

Technology Commercialization Support Process

연세대학교 기술사업화 업무 흐름도 관련 이미지

Technology Commercialization Cycle Support Process

  1. Government R&D Research
  2. External Private Research
  3. Domestic Convergence Research
  1. University Industry Foundation
    • Research Performance Management
    • Research Activation Support
    • Employee Invention Interview. LAB Consulting, Invention Evaluation, Dedicated Patent Office
    • Excellent IPRs Discovery / Creation / Management / Support Policy Establishment
  2. Office of Research Affairs
    • On-campus Research Support
    • Faculty Start-up Approval Process Operation & Management
  3. Technology Holdings
    • Technology Transfer Support
    • Promising Technology Discovery
    • Operation of Commercialization Support Program (Tech Star)
    • Technology Commercialization Planning & Support for Related Government Projects
    Yonsei University Health System, University Industry Foundation
    • Technology Transfer Support
    • IPRs Creation Support
  4. Enterprise Support Foundation
    • Student Start-up Support
    • Tenant Company Support
    • Corporate Start-up Support
    • Start-up Space Support
    School Foundation
    • Space Support
    • Sales Support
    Center for Research Facilities
    • Equipment Support
  • Technology Transfer of Excellent Domestic & Foreign Companies
  • Subsidiary Establishment
  • Innovative Venture Start-up Support