Technology Transfer Process & Researcher Compensation

Meaning of Technology Transfer

The term ‘Technology Transfer’ mean transferring or permitting implementation to a person who want to intend to implement a right or technology acquired through research and development.
Technology transfers in a comprehensive meaning can be understood to include rights transfer, licensing, know-how transfer, etc

  1. The term "technology" means any of the following:
    1. (a)Intellectual property, such as patents, utility models, designs, layout-designs of semiconductor integrated circuits, and software, registered or pending in accordance with relevant statutes, such as the Patent Act;
    2. (b)Capital goods into which the technology under item (a) is integrated;
    3. (c)Information about the technology under item (a) or (b);
    4. (d)Other things specified by Presidential Decree as similar to those under items (a) through (c);
  2. The term "technology transfer" means that technology is transferred from its holder (including a person who has a right to dispose of the technology) to another person through assignment, grant of a license, technical guidance, joint research, joint venture, merger and acquisition, etc.;

Types of Technology Transfer

Right Transfer (Right Assignment)

Rights transfer refers to the transfer of rights by contract. The rights to be transferred are protected by law, such as patent rights, utility model rights, design right, computer program copyright, and semiconductor integrated circuit layout right.

Grant of License (Licensing)

Grant of License is a type of contract that grants the right to execute and use the technology to others while retaining the rights to the technology

Technology Transfer

It can be said so-called transfer of know-how. Technology transfer refers to take place with the transfer of certain rights or training of specific skills or the transfer of related programs or equipment that can carry out a particular technology without the transfer of rights.

Technology Transfer Process & Responsibility

 Technology Transfer Process & Responsibility 
Flow Chart Schedule Content Application Material Output
Selection of Technology for Technology Transfer Continuously
  • Discover Excellent Technology as a Result of Invention Evaluation
  • Discover Technology Using LAB Consulting Results
  • Discover Technologies of Interest
  • Result of Invention Evaluation
  • Patent Information Management System
  • LAB Consulting Report
Status of Excellent Technology & Related Professor
Technology Inventor Interview Continuously
  • Technology Applicability (Technology Transfer Possibility)
  • Discussion of Royalties
  • Guidance on Technology Transfer-related Regulations
  • Use the Check List when Interviewing Inventors
  • Past Technology Transfer Cases
Interview Results
Marketing Strategy Establishment As Required
  • Examination of Relevant Patent Packaging Availability
  • Examination of Technology Transfer Method 
  • (Investment, Government Project, Industry-Academic Cooperation Links, etc.)
  • Establishment of Company Marketing Strategy
  • Status of Inventor’s Patent Application
  • Public Announcement of Government Project
    Technology Marketing Program
Marketing Strategy
for Business Meetings (Plan)
Finding a Buyer & Business Meeting Continuously
  • Participate in & Hold a Technology Presentation/ Consultation Meeting
  • Cooperation with Technical Mediation Agencies & Related Organizations
  • Identify the Possibility of Company Technology Transfer
  • Buyer Discovery Program
  • Marketing Report
  • CRETOP, Business Homepage
  • Status of Business
  • Schedule
  • Technology Transfer Plan
Negotiation Strategy & Conducting Negotiation As Required
  • Technology Transfer Method, Royalties (Initial Payment, Running)
  • Planning Payment Method
  • Negotiation Conditions for Technology Transfer
  • Patent Performance Evaluation Report
  • Past Technology Transfer Cases
  • Draft of Technology Transfer Agreement
  • Other Agreements
Contract & Post Management As Required
  • Signing a Technology Transfer Agreement
  • Report on Transfer of Government Project Results 
  • (Patent Strategy Team)
  • Post Management (Commercialization Support, Collection of Running Royalties)
  • Yonsei University Technology Transfer Agreement Form
  • Running Royalties Collection Example
Technology Transfer Agreement
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